Character Analysis Of Hiero Or Tyrannicus?

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Hiero or Tyrannicus Hiero or Tyrannicus is a dialogue that was taking about a real-life of tyrant of the Greek city of Sicily. Tyrant is the absolute ruler or the dictator who has sized power without legal right. It is a conservation between Hiero, tyrant of the city-state of Syracuse and a famous poet whose name was Simonides. This dialogue between Hiero and Tyranny was concerning about the happiness’s of the tyrants during their power. The analyzes and the present study shows that the understanding of Hiero is better and easy throw the thought of the author, and it helps to write about it deeply. This dialogue does not talk about philosophy, literature, or historical events, it just rely on the power that leadership had for ruling their…show more content…
The first part of the dialogue was answering those problems that people have with having bad tyrants. Bad tyrants make the country go to poverty and do not improve their countries. They made their people live like their slaves and they live for the tyrant’s desire, because they use their people and their armies for their benefit only. They do not care about people’s life as a human been. They want just use people for their benefits.
Secondly, the rule of law is basically equality between all individuals in each society. Also, it is the principle that every person in society is equal, and has all rights before the law. In those societies that ruled by law, people have opportunity to ask for their right whatever any right violations happen. On the other hand, the lack of rule of law is the major cause for having war and poverty in each society. Since the right of people was ignored by the tyrants, and people not have their all rights, the bad situation will happen in those areas, and the rulers run their countries by their
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They work for their benefit and their willing only. They do not by democracy, and they do not care about their citizen’s vote. They come to power by force and never give up from their positions because they do not care about citizen’s feeling. For instance, in the Middle East, there are many leaders that not care about democracy, election, or their people. They have monarchy system, and they never want to give up from their positions even if the time of their ruling was ended. Moreover, they do not care if they accepted by their people or not, they just want to stay and ruling their countries by force. For example, Muammar Gaddafi was one of the tyrants that was ruled Libya for more than 42 years. He just ruled by force and most of his people in his country hated him, so he was killed by them when they made a big revolution against him. They killed lots of people, and he just ruled his country by force. He not care about people feeling. He did not care about election that was happen each four years in each country around the world. He just stayed by force. Then in 2011, his people made a big revolution against all his behaviors, and they killed him. Saddam Hussein was another dictator that Middle East have. Also, he ruled Iraq for more than 23 years. He was a member of the revolutionary that was happen in Iraq under the name of Socialist Ba’ath Regime. He come to power and become a leader of

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