Catcher In The Rye Teenager Analysis

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Holden is a teenager, who, from my observation, is not exempt from having regular teenager problems such are struggling with social norms and statuses and relationships with both male and female genders. As he told me, he tries to have people with whom he can spend time and call friends as well as he tries to find relationship with girls. In fact, he succeeds in being more or less social spending time with other boys, for example going to the city with Mal Brossand and Ackley, or having double dates with Stadler and his female schoolmates. However, although he could’ve been considered to be a regular teenager with no significant declines, he has a lot of mental problems, but the most crucial one is not accepting life in a way it is. This problem…show more content…
He doesn’t accept many things such are phonies and people not being like Allie, and these make him feel the way he does. Due to the fact Holden cannot make connections with people as they are not like Allie and as Holden thinks are phonies he is not able of having friends, what leads into him being lonely. When he started to face events that made him feel upset, for example being beaten up by Stradlader, he had nobody to talk to. “It was even depressing out in the street. You couldn’t even bear any cars any more. I got feeling so lonesome and rotten, I even felt like waking Ackley up.”(Salinger 50). This is what causes people to be depressed, having problems with nobody being with you to help. Being at this emotional state makes Holden to be emotionally unstable. For example, sometimes he is unreasonably aggressive, shouting at Sally or trying to punch Stradlatter, at the same time being quiet and unconfident, not contacting with Jane. On the other hand, the fact that he sees everyone as a phony makes him depressed as well, because the way he sees people makes him hate a lot. However, this cannot continue if Holden wants to be a happy person. He needs to appreciate life more, trying to find positive sides in a word he’s currently living in not only when he’s with his family. He has to do that because a person who dislikes everything and cannot be emotionally stable doesn’t fit into our
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