Impostor: A Sequel To Jill Hathaway's Slide

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Introduction Impostor is a fiction story by Jill Hathaway. Impostor is a sequel to Jill Hathaway’s psychological thriller Slide. The Story revolves around Sylvia Bell who is the main character in Impostor. She is better known as Vee throughout the entire story. Vee is a teenage girl who lives with her dad who is a famous doctor in town and her sister Mattie who is a year younger than her. Vee’s mum passed away when she was really young due to cancer. Vee herself is suffering from narcolepsy. When everyone thinks she is just passing out at odd times, Vee holds the biggest secret about her narcolepsy. Whenever Vee passes out she would find herself inside some random person’s head. During such times she would be able to control that person’s…show more content…
Vee loves hearing 90s music and her pink hair makes her look like a defiant character. The author described her as a analytic person.Even though vee does not show her love towards her family d eep in Vee loves both her dad who is always busy in the hospital and her irritating sister Mattie. The author has described vee as a bold girl who always tends to solve her problems on her own. She never depends on anyone and she always thinks solutions on the feet. Sometimes her boldness and independence has led her to many problems. At such situations she approaches her best friend Rollins to help her solve the problems if it gets out of…show more content…
First person perspective can be categorised into two where one is where the author includes themselves into the story and uses ‘I’ throughout the story. Where the second is the first person peripheral, where the author is the supporting character in the story and not the main person. In his story the author has included herself as vee. The narrator has peeked into each and every character in the story. She has read everyone’s thought and explored multiple fact of the story in depth. The narrator has also explained the emotions of the character in way where anyone who reads the story would be able to feel the emotions of each and every characters into the story. The author has also increased the suspense and intrigue of the story as she made the readers solve the mystery at the same time vee, the main character, in the story does. The narration of the story guides those reading it through the story and makes them think if there are any such incidents that has happened in their life before. The author also makes the characters feel real in the way it is being told. Author of this books makes the audience feel that the characters are real as they make mistakes and never
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