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In the first comic books, Iron Man was now known as being a new superhero (other than batman) that has no superpowers but rather born into wealth which allows him to ‘build’ his superpowers and his armour that will allow him to do everything he can. Iron Man was born into wealth because of the weapons his father’s company, which later he would inherit, produced.
We can see in this comic that Iron Man is very big and bulky. There are no definitions in his armour and no noticeable weapons, which means his suit was build for protection rather than for the fighting capabilities. The suit was made out of metal and had no colouring. On the comic book cover, Tales of suspense #38, you can see that Iron Man is now the newest and latest superhero with the most advanced technology. Iron Man is also dressing himself, as we can see on the left, and this is a change from what is coming as when the technology progresses the suit is able to ‘fly’ on to him.
We can see in this comic that Iron Man is still very big and bulky but there are now definitions in his armour and more noticeable weapons, which means his suit has been upgraded and newly built for protection as well as for its new fighting capabilities. The suit now has the famous colouring, red and yellow. On the comic book cover,
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His biggest fear was now that he can't protect people he cared for. This shows an evolution in Tony’s feelings and emotions around him as he was known to use women and not care for anyone else other than himself. He made repeated upgrades of his armours like inserting control devices into his body that would allow him to summon the new Mark 42 with his thoughts alone. Tony also created the "Iron Legion" of multiple armours that could be controlled by J.A.R.V.I.S. We can see that Tony is starting to have all his past as well as what is going to happen in his life now by the anxiety attacks he has been suffering

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