Character Analysis Of James Gatz In 'The Great Gatsby'

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Big man Gatz

James Gatz, possibly the most interesting and cool guy in the book. one of the most interested character written about in the American novel. Maybe that's why the book is named the American novel. For James Gatz is the most mysterious and interesting character in the book for his secret life and about his great love for daisy.
Think back to when you were in the beginning or towards the middle of the book before Daisy and Gatz meet again. You saw Gatsby as a mysterious, and very wealthy. Not knowing how he received all his money, but yet we never questioned that. Then when you read the quote ¨They say he is a nephew or cousin of Kaiser Williams and that is where all his money comes from.¨ (30) This gives Jay a very mysterious outlook onto him. So why did he get the money, did all of his go to Jay. When nick attended Gatsby's party he kept asking people who got invited, or even if anyone got invite for that matter. ¨I believe that on the first night I went to Gatsby's house I was one of the few guest who had actually been invited¨ (41). Why does Gatsby only invite nick? Of course we find this out later in the book but when reading that part of the book we see Gatsby as such a mysterious charter. A great job by Fitzgerald to
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Between his personality and his mysterious life. On to his love for daisy he is quite the Character. From in the the beginning of the book from seeing him as a secret character and not knowing much about him to seeing his personal side to him. Then on to learning about how and where he got all his money from. Then on to his sailing around the world adventures and whom he was with the whole time. That man shaped James Gatz into the man he is today. Going from calling people old sport on to treating women with all the respect that they deserve. Overall Gatsby was definitely the favorite character in the book. Very interesting story, and he made it even better than it could've
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