Analysis Of Jane Addams 'Hull House'

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Dalene Mathieu
Hull House Exercise
SOWK 2090

Chapter 1 (12 points)
• Before she was seven years old, Jane Addams recognized that not everyone lives a privileged life as she does. Jane Addams and her father were walking down on the streets near her father’s Mill. The mill was at the poorest neighborhood in the town, Jane Addams saw that the houses were very close together and that they were small houses. Jane Addams father had to explained to her of why some people live in small houses that are close to other houses. That incident opened Jane eyes to a world different to what she is used to in her life, which is the world of poverty. This incident resulted to Jane Addams trait of compassion, she recognized the poor and felt empathy for them. She told her father that she will live near them one day in a large house between the horrid little houses.
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Jane Addams was a young woman when her mother friend and caretaker, Polly passed away and Jane witnessed it. After words came to Jane Addams and her family that Polly was dying, Jane went to Polly bedside in the middle of a winter storm. Jane Addams trait in helping others and taking care of other people needs was established by that incident.
• Jane Addams father was her hero, she worshipped him and he taught her most important trait which is, honesty and being a leader in society. Jane Addams always feel the need to tell the truth, at a young age if she ever did something that was considered dishonor in her eyes she would go to her dad room during the night to confess. She also recognized the way the community admired her father due to his honorable business
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