Character Analysis Of Jane's 'Jane Eyre'

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1. Fiction creates characters The main character is Jane Eyre. Physically, Jane is plain and pale, she is petite, she is very thin, and she has hazel hair and green eyes. She is very honest and strong-willed, she is passionate and smart, she has very strong beliefs, and she is mature. Jane got the way she is by being excluded and oppressed as a child. She desired to fit somewhere and to have a family. And she did all of this by being genuine to herself.

2. Fictional characters want something. Jane desperately wants freedom, independence, love, and a family. Jane wants a family because she didn’t have one when she grew up and she is yearning for the love and acceptance a family would bring her.

3. Fictional characters succeed or fail in
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Jane Eyre is described as plain rather than beautiful. Would the plot of the novel still make sense if Jane were beautiful? How would the story be different if Jane were not poor? Why does it matter? Jane Eyre’s life is not one that most anyone would want. She is poorly treated and repeatedly plagued and oppressed. Since in the story she is described as plain and poor, if she were exquisitely gorgeous or had thousands of dollars, the meaning of the story would change. She would not feel stressed or worried, she would not have to deal with tormenters and her life would generally be much better. She would also be happier and would encounter occurrences much differently.

B. Trace the life of Jane Eyre as a character seeking equality and independence. Does she achieve her goals? What helps her overcome challenges? What keeps her from what she wants from life? After the many deaths in her life, the harassment and oppression, and the homelessness, Jane Eyre grasps her ambitions and becomes a wonderful individual. She marries the one person she truly loves and at the conclusion of the book, expresses that she has been joyfully married for ten years and that she and Rochester live an equal life together, very
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