Character Analysis Of Janie's Husband In Their Eyes Were Watching God

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In marriage, a man should possess certain qualities in order to be a good husband. In a man’s marriage, he must provide both financial, and personal support. In the novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, characters Logan Killicks, Joe Starks, and Tea Cake all have some of these qualities in their marriages. Therefore, Janie’s first husband Logan does not provide support for her and has very poor qualities in their marriage. He requires Janie to do unnecessary work on his farm and is not a supportive husband. Furthermore, in her next marriage, she is overshadowed by Joe Starks, a selfish entrepreneur that provides her with financial support, but does not support her needs and desires. Nevertheless, Janie obtains a third husband, Tea Cake, who has exceptional qualities that a man should acquire during his marriage. He provides Janie with financial backbone, and her personal needs and desires. Although Logan and Joe have some of these qualities, Tea Cake is the only husband who fulfills Janie’s desires. Being a good husband requires support, not only financially, but in personal wants and desires as well. Logan Killicks and Janie have two different desires in…show more content…
Logan and Joe both supported Janie financially but did not fulfill her personal wants and desires. In Janie’s first marriage, her idea of being a wife is much different than Logan’s. Nevertheless, in her second marriage, she was a mere shadow. Janie was constantly being left alone without any of her personal wants being brought to her. Among the three, Tea Cake was fluently described as the best husband. He possessed the necessary qualities for Janie to have the choice to depend on him for nourishment and protection. The importance of their marriage resembles how Janie gained strength and independence throughout her life and relationships. Tea Cake resembled Janie finding herself, and how she finds her desired love in their
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