Character Analysis Of Jealousy In A Separate Peace By John Knowles

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Have you ever had the feeling of fear and jealousy because of your friend? Well, in the novel, “A Separate Peace”, written by John Knowles, there are two friends named Gene and Finny. They both go to Devon school in New Hampshire; Gene if a very smart student that can be the head of his class and Finny is a very good athlete who is up for many awards at Devon. Gene though throughout the story feels this sense of jealousy and the fear towards Finny, Finny is always getting Gene to do stupid stuff that usually always gets him into some kind of trouble. But as the same things go on Gene starts to feel that Finny is out to wreck his studies, so in result of that he pushes Finny out of a tree and shatters his leg. Gene doesn’t know if he did it on purpose or if it was an accident. But, later on Finny breaks his leg even more and Gene goes to visit him and talk things out. Finny forgives Gene for the incident makes Gene go on with his life, but Gene later finds out the Finny has died from a bone marrow that got into his blood stream and into his heart. He then feels that his war with everything is over. But throughout the entire novel all of these events that have happened were because of Gene’s fear and jealousy with Finny. In the beginning Gene comes back to Devon 15 years after he…show more content…
There are some big significance with what Gene has shown us, once you get a feel of fear or jealousy inside of you don’t let it get out of hand. The biggest lesson to learn from Gene is that once that fire is lit, don’t let it burn very long or it will just get bigger and bigger until you cannot put it out. In conclusion, Gene had a best friend, but fear and jealousy possessed over him and made him think and do actions, don’t take the fear or jealousy to far to where you can not control yourself anymore because that can lead to serious damage in the
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