Character Analysis Of Jerry Spinelli's 'Loser'

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General characteristics


The author of the book “Loser” is Jerry Spinelli who is a writer of books for kids.
He was born the 1 of February of 1941. Actually, he is 75 years old and he wrote this book in 2002.

At first, he had the objective of being a cowboy. Then, he was a shortstop in the high school´s league of baseball, although his purpose was to played in the New York Yankees team. Finally, when the high school´s football team won, he composed a poem. Furthermore, his poem was published in the local newspaper and it was the exact moment where he encouraged himself to be a writer. However, publishing companies did not accept any of his already four novels until it passed 25 years, with his book “Who Put That Hair in My Toothbrush?” in 1984. At first, his works were supposed to be interpreted as adult´s novels. On the other hand, with his fifth novel, editorials categorized them, into child´s novel. As a result, he wiped the slate clean and begun writing for children.

In addition, he received the Newbery Medal in 1991. Meanwhile, his notable novels are Maniac Magee, Starzgirl and Wringer. Apart, he is married to Eileen Spinelli.


Regarding to the society´s stereotypes, the principal of the novel would be a loser as he never wins sports´ competitions or because he does not obtain exceptional marks on his exams. In addition, he would be perceived as a loser because of his child´s innocence or his way of evading himself
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