Character Analysis Of Joe Rantz In Daniel James Brown's The Boys In The Boat

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The Ability to Persevere The boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown, takes the reader through the life of one of the main characters named Joe Rantz. The reader follows Joe through his highs and lows he endures throughout the story. Joe is a very determined, strong, and eager young man. He is six feet and two inches, a freshman, strongly built, blonde, with gray-blue eyes (Brown, 12). Joe continues to pursue in rowing even though he had to undergo some treacherous weather during his rowing practices. Determined, focused, and brave, Joe continued on with rowing. “The girls in the library lawn who had glanced appreciatively his way had had to overlook what was painfully obvious to him: that his clothes were not like those of most of the other students..” (Brown, 13). Based off the quote you can conclude that Joe didn’t have the newest clothes but he continued to go to school despite the fact he was a little different from his peers.…show more content…
He represents his love for the sport by showing up to his practices and putting the time and effort in. Joe also did not complain in the book showing that he was resilient enough to continue and do what he loved. When his teammates began leaving the team due to irregular weather conditions Joe continued to stay indestructible and continue on with his practices. He had to deal with the emotional and physical toll of the sport and his family life. He had gone through rejection, depression, and soreness. Overall, one can conclude that Joe was persistent with the sport despite the issues he had faced. “Physiologists, in fact, have calculated that rowing a two-thousand meter race -The Olympic standard - takes the same physiological toll as playing two basketball games back -to- back. And it exacts the toll in about six minutes (Brown, 40). The quote is explaining how much work goes into rowing in just a short
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