Character Analysis Of Joe Rantz In John Brown's Book Boys In The Boat

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In Brown’s Book Boys In The Boat Joe Rantz is a young man who symbolizes success and continues to grow through out his life into a fine man. Although, Joe has been brought up in a very difficult childhood by many tragedies he continues to find the best of the situations and carry on with a positive attitude. Later throughout Joe’s life he starts to thrive in school and he gets multiple jobs that pay well. With the money earned Joe again decided to take advantage of his naturally good attributes he attained which lead to the successful life to come. The reason why Joe becomes the successful man is by his good qualities that help him take advantage of luck. Even though Joe had Bad luck with his parents Harry and Thula, Joe was lucky for them because without their departure, Joe would not have been able to thrive the way he did. It is obvious when someone has everything made for them life is easy and struggle free, yet Joe worked for the things he got and life was a battle. Stress and the worry about survival is what made Joe a successful man by which he had to provide for himself.…show more content…
Joe’s senior summer he worked cutting down cotton trees and digging trenches, he was working all he could so he can pay his first year at Washington University. When Joe worked at Grand Coulee he knew that the work was going to be tough and he had to work long hours, yet Joe accepted the facts and thrived at his Job. A big factor of Joe’s success was the fact that Joe had a work ethic. Without his work ethic Joe would not have been able to get to where he was, he was lucky that: Joyce, Pocock, Charlie McDonald, and his brother Fred contributed at Joe’s worst times and at the most perfect moment and this allowed Joe to become a successful as he dreamed
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