Character Analysis Of John Proctor In The Crucible

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“Because it is my have taken my soul...leave me my name!” (Arthur Miller Act 4 Line 724) John Proctor ,from the Crucible by Arthur Miller, is driven by a will stronger than most, says this in the face of death. At this point many trials have pushed Proctor to question his own morals and help shine light on his true personality. The trial that began to make Proctor question his very being, is when he sees Abigail alone. Another ship that pushes him forward through an ocean of self doubt is when he goes to court to free the convicted. Additionally, a court that trials his own being is when he decides to tear up the confession. John Proctor is a man of self worth and has honor for himself and others.

Proctor has fallen to the
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In the first place, John goes to court fully aware that if his evidence is deemed false then he will be taken to court, but he goes through with it. Proctor is acting not just to free his wife, but also when asked if he will leave if his wife is left to live, he refuses. Furthermore Proctor pushes for his friend’s wifes to be freed as well as his wife. This shows Proctor is willing to help those in need. Not to mention when Danforth is asking if letting Proctor’s wife live longer, then will he drop the case. Proctor declines this agreement and seeks to free those he deems are falsely accused. As can be seen Proctor is a selfless man who will sacrifice what he loves for the betterment of others.

Months of torture didn’t break Proctor’s will, and this is shown in great detail as John tears up his confession. As soon as Proctor is given the chance to live and abandon his friends, he is unsure. He shows that he cares for them by reconsidering, then tearing up the confession. Additionally, when given a choice between loyalty and life, he chooses loyalty. This shows his determined nature to do what’s right. As well as when Proctor is pushed to sign the confession, he decides to tear up the confession to show the town he is a good man. Proctor is a tried and loyal
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