Character Analysis Of Johnny Cade From The Book 'The Outsiders'

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Heroes are all over the place but where is yours? Heroes are found in books, movies, and videogames but have you ever really stopped to think about heroes in your own life? To be a hero you have to be brave and you have to be willing to make a sacrifice. Johnny Cade from the book The Outsiders fits all those properties perfectly. Johnny Cade shows bravery in the fact that he was brave enough to fight the socs even after he got mugged by them. Also while he was at the drive he stood up for Cherry and Marcia after Dally was messing with them. He also ran into a burning building to save a group of kids from certain death. In the The Outsiders Johnny was willing to sacrifice himself getting killed by the socs to keep Ponyboy from being drowned by starting a fight with them. Then later he risks being put in jail so that Ponyboy doesn’t have to be in hiding for the rest of his life. Finally he risks his life by running into a burning church to save a bunch of kids.…show more content…
Probably because he was a hood, he killed a young boy, and he stole from convenience stores. But even though he may have done those things at the beginning of the story by the end he regretted all of it and wished he had more time to go back and fix it and be a better person. To be a hero you must be able to be brave even if you’re facing danger straight in the face. You must also be willing to make sacrifice even if you’re sure you’ll die. So in conclusion Johnny Cade is the hero of The Outsiders because he died because he went into a burning building to save the

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