Character Analysis Of Jonas In The Giver By Lois Lowry

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Imagine a place where everything is the same, there is no color, and you can 't make decisions for yourself. Jonas thinks that he lives in a utopia, but really he lives in a place like this. Jonas is the main character in The Giver by Lois Lowry. Jonas is an eleven year old, soon to be twelve. He feels apprehensive about being twelve. In the Book The Giver each child goes through a ceremony that determines what their assignment (or job) will be the age of twelve. Jonas changes throughout The Giver and as a result, tries to change the community.
In the beginning of The Giver Jonas is anxious and fearful about the ceremony of twelve. He feels this way because he doesn 't know what assignment he will get. Jonas volunteered at all of the
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As Jonas starts working with the old receiver, better known as the giver, He receives memories and starts questioning why his community doesn 't have the fun activities that he is being shown by the giver. He and the giver discuss why the community is so different from the memories he is given.Jonas does not understand why his community does not have the same privileges that he saw in the memories. Later he finds out that his community took away all of those privileges because of sameness and climate control. Jonas does not agree with the government of the community, he thinks the memories should be restored back to his community. Later in the book Jonas realizes the meaning of release. His dad gets assigned to release a baby and he does it no questions asked.. He feels threatened because he now knows that release means killing someone. Jonas is deceitful because he robs the community of its food which is a major rule in his community. Jonas is also deceitful because he starts lying to his parents, for example Jonas asks his parents if they love him and they say they enjoy him. After they explain why they enjoy him, “ ‘ Jonas nodded. Yes thank you. ‘ “ That was his first lie to his parents.’ “ Jonas changes, he becomes deceitful at the end of The Giver, but it is only to protect his
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