Character Analysis Of Judge Danforth In The Crucible

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Judge Danforth’s unwavering egotism culminates in the unfortunate deaths of Salem townsfolk. Arthur Miller’s classic play The Crucible demonstrates how the actions of one person can affect many others. Judge Danforth cares more about his own reputation than what is right. Often times people try to think of what is right instead of saving their own face, Judge Danforth is an exception to this stereotype. The Salem Witch Trials were a horrible time where many people lost their lives due to an unjust court system. Anyone could accuse someone of witchcraft, and they would be taken seriously, people would often make up reasons for these accusations, and they were believed. The Crucible accurately portrays how the Salem Witch Trials changed Salem Massachusetts and the lives of its residents. A perfect example…show more content…
Judge Danforth Explains that “I cannot pardon these when twelve are hanged for the same crime” (119). Danforth knows that Procter is right, but he is not trying to please solely Procter. Danforth has an entire community to worry about, in a town where nearly everyone is considered crazy, Danforth is the last solid figure they have. If Danforth starts to second guess himself, he fears that people will be very upset, if he admits he unjustly killed 12 people, then he is the worst murderer of them all. Overall, Danforth was wrong. He faces many difficult descions throughout the play, and yet he stays mostly consistent. He chooses to save his own reputation over the lives of innocent people. He knowingly sends three people to die, just so that he can look good. Danforth was the main cause of all of the heartbreak and struggle endured in Salem. It seems very hypocritical of Danforth to critize Procter for not being a good Christian, yet Danforth does not value human life enough to put his tail between his legs and admit his
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