Character Analysis Of Julia In 1984

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Julia is Winston’s love interest in the novel. At first, she is only described as a dark haired girl who Winston hates. He believes she is a spy, but she is actually in love with him. When he helps her up after she falls, she hands him a note that says I love you. When Julia and Winston meet up, they have relations. She reveals she is 26 years old, and she has slept with multiple men involved with the Party. Her reason for falling in love with Winston is she knew he was against the Party and could tell he did not fit in. Throughout her life, she has always been involved with the Party. She was a troop leader in the Junior Spies, a branch leader in the Youth League, and a member of the Junior Anti-Sex League. Her philosophy on life is that “life as she saw it was quite simple. You wanted a good time; “they,” meaning the Party, wanted to stop you…show more content…
For example, Winston strongly believes in the Brotherhood, but Julia believes the Party invented it and it is not real. Even though she claims to hate the Party, she never critiques it. The only way she defies the Party is by having sex. Winston even scolds her by saying, “you’re only a rebel from the waist downwards”(156). When Winston gets invited to O’Brien’s home, Julia goes with him. She displays no interest in the Brotherhood, and even falls asleep when Winston reads the Brotherhood manifesto to her. Eventually, Julia and Winston get arrested by the Thought Police and get taken to the Ministry of Love. While in the Ministry of Love, she gets tortured and betrays Winston. The novel does not tell how exactly, but she reveals to Winston that she did. Both Julia and Winston get released from the Ministry of Love. Later on, they see each other and Julia has physically and mentally changed tremendously. She does not feel attracted to Winston anymore and does not want him to touch her. At the end of the novel, Julia does not love Winston

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