Character Analysis Of Julia In The Novel 'The Age Of Miracle'

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Julia’s character develops throught the novel, “The Age of Miracles.” In chapters 1 and 2, Julia is brought onto the story as a sweet and innocent girl. She is an only child and lives with her mom and dad. She never breaks the rules, does not talk back to her parents, and is always thinking of the consequences before she does something. Throughout the novel, Julia begins to what and who she has in her life. Her family begins to get torn apart and she loses many friendships. She begins to notice the changes her family, her friends, and also herself.

Julia is a shy girl who can’t stand up for herself. In chapter 5 she is getting bullied, but doesn’t do anything about it. “Without Hanna, I felt awkward being standing alone at the curb.” (ch5, pg 37). Julia has to be protected and without her best friend, there
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She comes back with a friend she met. Hanna starts shutting Julia out and tries to avoid her. Julia says, “ I remembered the way Alison would float towards us on the playground sometimes, how Hanna would ignore her… “I’m sick of her,” Hanna would say to me… then she would look at Alice with the sam efake smile she was now using on me” Hanna is doing the same thing to Julia as she was doing to Alison, her ex- bestfriend. Julia starts to realize that she has nothing in the world besides her family. She feels alone in the world , like she doesn’t belong. Julia has a loss of innocence when her mom picks her up from soccer practice. Julia yells back at her mother, which she has never done before. The slowing and also the negative situations that are happening are affecting how Julia acts towards others. It is also changing her attitude to those who care about her. Julia has never felt alone, until the slowing started happening. Because of this event she has learned to mature. Also she has grown more as a person because she doesn’t depend on anyone anymore to fix her

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