Character Analysis Of Juror In 12 Angry Men

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In the movie 12 Angry Men each juror has a different personality. Figure one shows the shape, color, size, and placement of each character chosen. Juror eight is a rounded rectangle and is a bright yellow on the outside and pale yellow on the inside. Juror three is a square and is red on the outside and blue on the inside. Juror seven is a rectangle that is dark green on the outside and a lighter green on the inside. Each juror was given a shape, color, and size to represent something of their nature. As shown in figure 1., juror eight is two shades of yellow, a rounded rectangle, and is placed slightly distanced from the two other shapes. On the outside juror eight is a bright yellow, this symbolizes hope and bravery. When they took their…show more content…
Personal baggage, this is the flaw that juror three represents. Juror three was very stubborn throughout the movie, a personal issue with his son had caused his stubbornness. It may be seen as a flaw that each juror in the movie carried personal baggage, but the jury consists of peers of the accused, and without personal baggage would the jury system work the same? In Figure 1 juror three is represented by a square, he is very opinionated and snappy. Juror three was stubborn and didn’t consider the thoughts of other or the facts that others had brought up. The square is outlined by a bright red because most of the movie juror three is an angry, hot tempered man. On the inside of the square, it fades from a dark blue to a very light blue. As seen in figure one the square fades on the inside, the darker blue shows the power that juror three thought he had and as it fades to the lighter blue it represents the sorrow that he has for losing connection with his son. All through the movie juror three was stubborn and his temper was put to the test when asked “Are you his executioner,” he responded with “I am one of them” (12 Angry Men). As seen in Figure 1 juror three and juror 7 are placed on the left side and they are placed closer together. They are placed closer together because they were the most willful of the…show more content…
Juror 7 is illustrated in figure one as a rectangle, he is a very opinionated person and doesn’t have an open mind when it comes to other people's thoughts and feelings. In one scene Juror 7 is seen shooting paper at the fan, one of the pieces hits and bounces off of the fan hitting another juror, this shows the carelessness of this juror. The rectangle is outlined in a dark green and filled in by a fading green. The shape is the same color, but different shade, this shows that the attitude of Juror 7 did not change from start to end of the movie. The man walked in the jury room a flashy man and thinking he had better things to do than sit on a jury and he walked out the exact same way. That is why the shape stays the same color, it fades on the inside because the only thing that changed was the view on the case presented. The rectangle in Figure 1 is the smallest shape because Juror 7 didn’t influence the opinions of many people. Juror 7 did speak at times and he incorporated in heated discussions, but he didn't change anything major in the storyline. Juror 7 and and 3 are placed on the left side, but 7 is placed higher than 3. Juror 7 was placed higher in Figure 1 because he thought that he was more important than all the other jurors. “This better be fast. I’ve got tickets to The Seven Year Itch tonight. I must be the only guy in the whole world
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