Never Let Me Go Character Analysis Essay

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There are a lot of characters in the novel Never Let Me Go by Kasuo Ishiguro but I have chosen to analyze the main characters Kathy H and her best friend Ruth. As the novel progresses we get to know these characters pretty well as their characteristic traits are shown throughout the whole novel and at the end of the novel it is sure to say that they do have a lot in common but the differences are even more convincing.
Kathy H is a thirty-one-year-old clone who was brought into the world with the sole purpose of donating her organs when she becomes an adult of proper age. We get to know that she works as a carer, which is a type of nurse who takes care of other clones made for donating their organs. As it turns out, Kathy H is an excellent carer
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One being the caring and loyal friend and the other one being the controlling and somewhat insecure girl in search for self-affirmation with only herself in mind which is the most common way we get to view her throughout the novel. The first personality we experience on a few occasions throughout the novel, for example when she makes an incredible effort in searching for Kathy 's lost tape with Judy Bridgewater on it even though it was all in vein since the tape was never recovered. But this type of behavior is somewhat rare yet very enjoyable when it does show since you get to experience a side of her that reveals her ability to be a warm and kind person. But as previously mentioned her second personality is shown a lot more and it is portrayed as early as in one of the first encounters with Ruth. This is when she and Kathy are playing together with imaginary horses. Ruth constantly demands that they play by her rules. She decides when and how Kathy should ride the horse since Ruth, according to herself, obviously has a superior knowledge when it comes down to horses. Ruth 's crave for control and search for self-affirmation pretty much dominates her whole life. Another example is when Ruth starts to imitate the veteran couple Chrissie and Rodney at the cottages, satisfying her needs to fit in even though it has a negative effect on hers and Tommy 's relationship. Kathy even indicates that the old
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