Character Analysis Of Kellogg's Elaboration Likelihood Model

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Elaboration Likelihood Model Based on the Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) of persuasion, with Kellogg’s being a low involvement product should follow the Peripheral route to persuasion. With a perception of low involvement product, Kellogg’s marketing strategy needs to focus more on Visual cues, Repetition and Celebrity endorsements. Marketing Strategy with a Peripheral route would help Kellogg’s change the consumer attitude to work in their favour. Keeping this in mind, Attractive Ad campaigns, Delightful Packaging and Celebrity appeal is widely being used by Kellogg’s. Product Range and Celebrity Endorsements • Kellogg’s – The base product Kellogg’s employs products with Multiple fruit flavors such as Mango, Banana, Strawberry to captivate…show more content…
Kellogg’s should keep in mind the mistakes made by brands such as Horlicks while devising its diversification strategy. Horlicks being a Nutritious brand diversified into the noodle business with the launch of Foodles, which turned out to be disastrous and diluted the brand image of Horlicks. 1Source:OutlookBusiness Conclusion - Kellogg’s is the Market Leader in India with a market share 65- 70%. The Breakfast Cereal Market is growing at 17% CAGR over the past 5 years and India is the fastest growing market among South Asian countries in terms of Breakfast Cereal consumption. All these add up to a positive road map for Kellogg’s in India, however there are two main barriers for Kellogg’s which is impeding its growth in India. Price Barrier People in India are extremely price conscious, so Kellogg’s must vary of it and competitively pricing its products to appeal to the masses. Also, there is growing competition in Breakfast cereal market, with players like Pepsi (Quaker Oats) and Bagrry. The rise of Brands like Nestle, Patanjali armed with RTE foods also pose as a…show more content…
The lack of feel good factor post consumption is what is driving people away from this breakfast option. Kellogg’s needs to provide the feel-good factor with substantial focus given to implementing Indianized products. Comprehensive research on the tastes and preferences of Indian consumers needs to done. For eg, the market is divided into two categories ready-to-eat cereals and Hot cereals. The preference of Indian consumers lies more towards the Hot cereals and hence the company needs to align with that. In India, Kellogg’s should come up with a dual promotion strategy, that is they should not only promote their products but also the idea of eating breakfast cereal. Apart from these Kellogg’s should involve themselves in a number of Nutrition education campaigns, Agricultural and farmer aiding initiatives, CSR activities to create a positive brand image. Employing mascots like Tony the Tiger and COCO is a good strategy to appeal to younger generation. Ad campaigns should focus more on these mascots so that kids will be able to associate these mascots with the brand. Rendering Kellogg’s merchandise and collectibles is another way to promote the

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