Character Analysis Of Lennie In Of Mice And Men

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in Of Mice And Men by John Steinbeck is his character Lennie a dangerous person “Lennie cried “I didn’t wanna hurt him.”? Lennie’s character is portrayed as a caring person, but his simple mind makes him dangerous. Lennie’s actions in the story show that he is caring but doesn’t know when to stop. Curley the ranch boss’s son attacked Lennie because he was laughing at him. Lennie got scared and lost control grabbing Curley’s hand when he swung and wouldn’t let go crushing the bones in Curley’ hand “Looks to me like every bone in his hand is a bust”. Later in the story Lennie is in a barn inspecting a dead puppy he used to take care of. The story doesn’t give much detail of what happened but Lennie apparently “bounced” the puppy too hard killing it. He starts to yell at the puppy things like “Why do you got to get killed?” “You ain’t so little as mice. I didn’t bounce you hard.”. He gets made because George a friend of Lennie’s who takes care of him won’t allow him to tend to the rabbits at the ranch they dream about if he does anything bad. When Curley’s wife came into the barn Lennie and her started talking. Lennie was told not to talk to her by George but he ends up talking to her. Lennie tells her he likes to pet nice things and she lets him pet her hair. Curley’s wife wanted Lennie to stop but he wouldn’t and she got angry. Lennie panicked when she got scared and lost control gripping onto her hair. She started to scream and Lennie got mad he covered her mouth telling her
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