Character Analysis Of Liesel's Character In The Book Thief

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Change is an inevitable aspect of life; however the most significant changes occur when an individual develops a sought after skill or learns imperative information. In the novel The Book Thief the novel’s main protagonist Liesel Meminger encounters numerous moments which help define her characterization as she grows as a character. Firstly one of Liesel’s most poignant moments occurs once she pieces together her vague past and during the same process discovers her reason for loathing Hitler. When Liesel heard the word communist being mentioned in a negative connotation at the book burning, she became stricken with fear as this word was all she knew of her past life. Liesel’s desire for answers on her Mother’s disappearance leads to her asking Hans if Hitler was one …show more content…

Liesel was an illiterate due her past and thus once she started going to school she was “humiliatingly,… cast down with the younger kids” (pg. 39, Zusak). Liesel dreaded reading tests and if not for Hans’ help in their midnight classroom sessions, Liesel would have never got over her “excruciating fear” (pg. 75, Zusak) of having to read out loud. As the novel progresses so does Liesel’s adoration for reading books. Soon one after another she begins to read books by herself and their role in her development is priceless. The truly pivotal point which arises from Liesels love of reading happens once she uses the power of her words to soothe the residents of Himmel Street while they are stuck in the bomb shelter. Liesel thus surpasses her fear of reading for a crowd along with demonstrating her maturity as she focuses “only [on] the mechanics of the words” (pg.381, Zusak). All together the simple act of Liesel reading to soothe everyone nerves, thoroughly reveals how her education and maturity have drastically grown since her arrival on Himmel

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