The Character Of Magwitch In Charles Dickens Great Expectations

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What classifies a person as immoral to the point where they can’t be redeemed? In Great Expectations, Dickens draws a fine line between characters that can be described as “good” and characters that can be described as “bad.” For example, Herbert and Biddy are both characters that are only associated with positive actions and thoughts, while Drummle and Orlick are two characters that Dickens classified as inherently bad. However, the one character that is the exception to this, being associated with both positive and negative attributes, is Magwitch. He is a character of an immoral background who the reader, when finished with the novel, can confidently describe as good. While Charles Dickens shows that some characters are wicked in every way possible, Magwitch is different, being a person who commits immoral actions but has a moral soul, and therefore has hope for redemption.…show more content…
In one of Pip’s first encounters with Magwitch, Magwitch learns that Pip has been true to his word, and Pip observes that, “Something clicked in his throat, as if he had works in him like a clock, and was going to strike. And he smeared his ragged rough sleeve over his eyes.” (19) What is being described is an emotion not usually associated with criminals, gratitude. The expression of this emotion shows that Magwitch does in fact have a moral soul and can differentiate between actions of
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