Character Analysis Of Manju Kapur

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When he praised her art of painting and poetry, she finds in him a friend. In course of time, she gets attracted towards him. She likes to watch him when he was busy in stage performance. Her feelings towards Aijaz are in fact her search for love in her husband Hemant. When his attitude towards her is changed, she tries to get that emotional fulfillment from Aijaz. Manju Kapur portrays Aijaz’s personality in the following manner: He was of medium height, his body compact. His face was the clear delicate luminous brown of freshly rained-on earth. His lips were a darker brown than his skin, and his eyes were black and narrow. While working he rolled up the sleeves of his shirt, allowing Astha to view at her leisure his round arms, hairless, smooth and muscular. He had prematurely grey hair, which, thick and springy, fell about his face and neck in ways that suggested a good barber. (Kapur 112-113) The above passage describes the masculinity of Aijaz, which forced Astha to forget about her duties towards her family. She starts feeling comfortable with Aijaz and tender feelings developed between them. Manju Kapur has portrayed the state of dilemma of Astha’s mind in very apt words: What did it mean, did he like her, did he want to have an affair with her, why had she been so startled by his hand on her knee, why hadn 't she responded but she was a married woman, with two children and those rights before her eyes. (Kapur 114) The author describes the bewildered state of

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