Character Analysis Of Marc Seidman In Harlan Coben's No Second Chance

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If there is one thing that everyone on earth should be able to know; you can always trust the people you love. Unfortunately, this isn’t true for everyone, like Marc Seidman in Harlan Coben’s No Second Chance. When his wife, Monica, is murdered and his infant daughter, Tara is abducted, he turns to the two people he loves and trusts most in this world, best friend who acts as his lawyer, Lenny and his first love, Rachel. A few weeks after the murder/abduction Marc gets a ransom note demanding two million dollars. Lenny and Rachel do their best to help Marc save his daughter. Unfortunately neither friend is very honest with Marc. Throughout the book, his friends lie to him for different reasons, sometimes to protect themselves and sometimes to protect Marc. As sad as it is to say, when you are in a life or death situation you can not trust anyone even your best friend.
After he learns of his wife’s murder and his daughter’s kidnapping Marc turns to his ex-girlfriend a former FBI agent for help. Rachel however isn’t honest about how she gets her information and refuses to tell Marc how her husband died. She neglects to tell him that she was accused of killing him but it was ruled an accident. So when the cops question Marc about Rachel, she says “Tell him I went to DC and if he presses tell him I’m an old friend and leave it at that” (154). Rachel’s willingness to have Marc arrested shows that she is not
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Throughout the book, Rachel and Lenny betray, lie to, and exploit Marc at his time of greatest need. Marc foolishly trusts his friend and ex-girlfriend which ends up hurting him in the end. His ex-girlfriend lies about where she gets her information which could endanger the life of his daughter and Lenny lies about his involvement in Tara’s kidnapping. In the end you need to be diligent in keeping track of the people that you trust because you need to make sure they do not betray you in the
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