Character Analysis Of Marpe Medrano In Marble Champ, By Gary Soto

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In the story “Marble Champ,” By Gary Soto, the main character Lupe Medrano is a role model for kids my age. Lupe is a role model because she is hardworking at things that she does, she shows sportsmanship, and she is intelligent. Lupe is a role model because she’s hard working. Because Lupe has been squeezing rubber eraser 100 times to make her thumb muscles more muscular and bigger. To add on to this lupe is hardworking is that lupe started doing pushups with her fingertips to make her fingers stronger. When lupe is making her thumb stronger that means she can throw the marble harder and farther. This shows that lupe is a role model and hard working. Furthermore, lupe is a role model because she is intelligent. For example in paragraph
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