The Role Of Loneliness In Frankenstein

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In the novel of Mary Shelly, Frankenstein, the character of Victor created a mysterious creature because he was obsessed with bringing death to live. Victor works for many months with the desire to accomplish his dream and discovering the formula of how to bring death to live. Victor puts his whole mind into this process and this causes him to lose his health and become older and slower very fast. After, this process was fulfilled Victor became afraid of the monster and was very anxious that the monster was going to return to him. Victor desolated the creature in where he had to live a life of loneliness and mistakes. Two reasons the creature Is not human is because the creature that Victor made is not naturally made, but instead two hands…show more content…
One reason that the wretch must live a life like this one is because all the people that see him feel anger and disgust because of how terrible he looks. Not only that, but the creature says " your fellow creatures hate and despise me" this means the wretch knows that they hate him, but the best part is that he says creatures to humans, which this means he 's saying creatures for different beings then him, so he 's calling himself something else away from a human. He calls humans creatures, while humans call him a creature because he 's terrible and an unknown being. The creature accepts at first his life of loneliness because he didn 't know how it felt to have someone around you helping you, but later, he ran out of options and said, " I was alone and didn 't know what to do". He means he was hopeless and confused because he didn 't know why he was there and we didn’t know what to…show more content…
This means that the wretch knows if he 's doing something wrong or if he is not supposed to do something because it 's not correct but the reason he knew that he wasn 't supposed to burn down the house was because he had a conscious and he knew that he was doing the wrong thing, but he let hatred control him. Another reason that the wretch can be human is because he can read, write, speak, and walk, and this includes many other things that humans also, can do. According to the text the wretch learned that being alone is a very sad and boring life, so that 's why he talking to Victor so that he can make another wretch that can be with
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