Character Analysis Of Mccandless In 'Into The Wild'

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Throughout the novel “Into the Wild” the character Mccandless had planned to leave off on his own to explore the forest of Alaska. Mccandless was the son of a wealthy parents, he left them with the intention to show or prove something to himself and his family, after he left without telling them. He had donated all his money he had earned and gave it all to charity and practically gave up all his possessions. This young man was not prepared to be out in the wild since he did not have the right equipment and food supplies to survive out in the wild. He was later found dead inside of a school bus that had been sitting in the wild for years. But, what had caused him to leave his family without telling them? It seemed that he was looking for a…show more content…
In the passage To build a fire the character goal is to get to the campsite where all his friends will be waiting for him to arrive but he never makes it because of the low temperatures he faces many circumstances that slow him down. He struggles with fires when he runs out of matches and he starts to have problems with his body when factors of his body is numbed, his dog can feel that it is not good to continue going in the cold weather but his owner insist to stay and they continue to walk in the snow. The character can not go on anymore and dies out in the middle of nowhere. In conclusion, the moral of the story is even if you have people who give you advice but do not take it sometimes you have to rely on what people tell you. For example, in the story To Build a Fire the character figured out the hard way that you should never travel or hike on your own even you have the faith that you will make it out alive. Also the same for mccandless when he did not want to take the gear they were giving which could have helped him be out in the wild. It can be that you do not like to listen what other people have to say but sometimes it is for a good
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