Character Analysis Of Mccullers's 'Ballad Of The Sad Café'

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Time runs quickly when within a short period of time Miss. Amelia’s store is transformed into a café where the townspeople come together to eat, drink and be merry. It remains the gathering place until the night that Cousin Lymon shows true colors. McCullers’ story of love takes surprising twists and the kind of love shown by McCullers is abnormal. Marvin Macy loves Miss. Amelia but she does not love Marvin Macy. Because Miss. Amelia comes to love Cousin Lymon who appears to care for her until Marvin Macy comes back into this desolate little town after a stint in the penitentiary. Cousin Lymon falls for Macy, who does not give him the proverbial time of the day. The description of people and their environment and emotions are superb. Miss. Amelia is a tall woman with bones and muscles like a man. In The Ballad of the Sad Café, McCullers takes special interest in Miss. Amelia’s physical appearance offering a multitude of details that set her apart from the other townsfolk and signify her as grotesque. This creative decision further secures the character’s role as an intimidating larger than life grotesque woman in her small, close minded town. In another act of art imitating life, Miss. Amelia reflects McCullers’ own fluid gender identity. McCullers’ masculine tendencies in fact helped garner additional respect in the male dominated world of publishing. In The Ballad of the Sad Café Miss. Amelia achieves a certain level of status in her small town based upon her natural
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