Character Analysis Of Melody In 'Out Of My Mind'

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Melody is a young girl. She can 't walk, talk or even go to the bathroom by herself. Melody has a disease called cerebral palsy. Everyone thinks that because she is in a wheelchair that she is not smart, but don 't underestimate Melody. Melody is a genious. With a photographic memory she knows a lot more than a normal 12 year old girl. Melody is in a family with her mom, dad and sister penny. In the book Out of my mind, Sharon M draper said “I can 't talk. I can 't walk. I can 't feed myself or take myself to the bathroom. Big bummer” (3). The significance of this quote is that she understands that she can 't do any of this stuff. Melody is very smart just no one knows and people judge her for how she looks. I feel that this book shows that no
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