The Blind Side Movie Analysis

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The reason that I decided to choose the movie, The Blind Side is because it deals with a lot of different forms of communication and shows communicators from both sides of the spectrum. The movie, The Blind Side, is a true story that revolves around Micheal Oher, high school student, who is going through an insanely tough time. He was taken from his mother, due to drug addiction, and his father was killed recently, and he keeps leaving the family’s he stays with. That is until the Tuohy family comes along and takes him in as their own, and convinces him to join the high school football team. He begins to excel in football and keeps his grades up, so he is scouted from all different schools throughout the country. He decides to attend Ole Miss where his adopted mother and father attended. Eventually he is drafted into the NFL in 2009 and is actually able to win the Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens in 2013.…show more content…
Micheal Oher is a very large in stature high schooler who has trouble being able to keep his grades. He is also a very kind hearted person and will do anything to protect the ones that he cares and loves for. This is expressed in the movie when he is driving is brother S.J. and is involved in a car accident but blocks the airbag from hitting S.J. and saves his life. Also, it say in the movie that, “he was ranked in the 98th percentile for protective instincts. However, he is a very dedicated and determined person to achieve when he sets his mind to something. Leigh Anne Tuohy is a very affectionate person by letting Micheal into her home. She is a very driven lady and wants more than anything to see her children achieve great things in life. For example, she goes to numerous extents to help Micheal with football, which includes interrupting a practice in order to talk with

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