Character Analysis Of Mollie In Animal Farm

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Shallow, selfish, and cowardly, these are just a few of the character traits we can attribute to Cruella De Vil. To name another fictional character who also has those very “glamorous” traits, is Mollie, from Animal Farm. Mollie is known as the pretty horse in the book. She, before the rebellion, pulled Mr. Jones’s carriage and was almost always dressed in ribbons and eating sugar lumps, things that after “Manor Farm” was changed into “Animal Farm”, got her in trouble. Mollie, being the entitled horse that she was, refused to give up these humanly related items and in turn fled the farm to be once again treated like a princess. During the time of Animal Farm, the only thing Mollie cared for or about was her ribbons, sugar, and how much work…show more content…
Well, she does. The only time Mollie really affects the plot is when she leaves and is used as propaganda for Napoleon. “Mollie in fact was missing. For a moment there was great alarm; it was feared that the men might have harmed her in some way, or even carried her off with them. In the end, however, she was found hiding in her stall with her head buried in the hay in the manger. She had taken to flight as soon as the gun went off. And when the others came back from looking for her, it was to find that the stable-lad, who in fact was only stunned, had already recovered and made off.” During the battle of the cowshed, Mollie didn’t do anything but flee. If we end up taking her out of the plot, we see the same things happening in the story, minus the abandonment propaganda, which could have been replaced with another kind. If we are just looking at the story itself, she has no real effect, but if we are looking at the reasons behind her being in the story to represent the aristocrats of the Russian Rebellion, then we see that she does carry some weight. All in all, Mollie is not as big of a piece from the story’s plot, though, upon a deeper look, we see that she does represent a part of the overlying message in Animal
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