Character Analysis Of 'Monster Under The Bed'

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Monster under the Bed
’Monsters under the Bed’ takes place at Waterloo Station in London. The story also features many flashbacks. The story centers on Eddie, a 15-year-old boy who lives alone with his fearful and apprehensive mom. Eddie is a very polite young boy and cares about how others feel and how they feel about him, “He wants to call on the man, saying he didn’t mean any harm ”. Furthermore, Eddie is also socially adept and witty. Eddie comes from a home where his mother is tremendously frightened and a father who left because he “Got sick of looking after her ”. Eddie has in addition a strong sense of responsibility towards his mother, who is ill, “She is not well. She needs me ” al This broken home is a contrast to the well-behaved and seemingly well-balanced Eddie, who tries to keep his composure towards strangers despite coming from a house with many problems and heartaches. When the much older Angie touches on the subject of a possible girlfriend, Eddie can no longer keep his cool. He does not show it, but inside he becomes very angry, “She thinks its shyness, nut she’s
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It is unknown if she is single or not, however, it would seem that she lives alone with her two children. Angie introduces herself to Eddie by cracking a joke and throughout the story she is depicted as a compassionate and empathetic person. It is also obvious that she feels a sense of responsibility toward Eddie. Initially, she went on with her own life, but her consciousness made her go back to the platform, “I got on the train. Found a window seat and all. Then I saw you sitting there, looking lost ” and “The thing is, Eddie, when I saw you looked just like my little brother ”. Angie is reminded of her younger brother, who ran away when he was Eddie’s age. Angie is worried and asks if he is going to board the next train. After trying to get through to him and failing she finally went on with her own
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