Character Analysis Of Mrs. Ddubose In 'To Kill A Mockingbird'

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Addictions pray on even the most innocent and they keep them coming back for more. Addictions can even turn the kindest people in the world heartless. Addictions can turn people like Mrs.Dubouse disrespectful just like in the story “ To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. Mrs.Dubouse was a kind woman in tell she came face to face with her addiction problem in chapter 11. This chapter reveals that Mrs.Dubose is rude and stuck-up.

People are nothing but nice to Mrs.Dubouse, but her rudeness always seems to shine through. Mrs.Dubouse is a rude old lady to both adults and children an example of her being rude is ““...Hey, Mrs.Dubose,” I would receive for an answer, “Don't you say hey to me, you ugly little girl ! you say good afternoon
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Mrs.Dubose is stuck-up and can never control her self for example “”Where are you two going at this time of the day?” she shouted. “Playing hooky, I suppose. I'll just call the principal and tell him!””(Lee 134) this text is an example of her being stuck up and nosy. Mrs.Dubose is always in other people's business from family problems, to locations, and destinations she can never seem to keep to herself. Mrs. Dubose is alone, all she has is her caretaker and her flowers it doesn't help that she is struggling with addiction. Mrs.Dubose is fighting addiction and trying to destroy the monster controlling it but she gets irritable when she doesn't have her drug and that is partially why she is the way she is.

This chapter reveals that that Mrs.Dubose is rude and stuck-up. She may be old and lonley but the root of her problems are because of her addiction. Chapter 11 shows that drugs can affect people in many ways even a sweet old lady from making them have mood swings or just by making them not act like themselfs. Mrs.Dubose wants to defeat her drug addiction but she can not do it alone and with a little help anyone can defeat a drug addiction. Its always good to know that drugs can affect many peoples lifes even the most innocent old
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