Character Analysis Of Mrs. Sen's By Jhumpa Lahiri

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The pitiful(est) Character of Mrs. Sen in Mrs. Sen 's by Jhumpa Lahiri is narrated as an Indian girl moved to New England with her husband. She is mostly lonely for her husband is very busy at work. Moreover, she cannot assimilate to America; and sometimes she is discriminated by native people. According to her situations, some readers seem to have sympathy on the character of Mrs. Sen the most. Then again, considering Eliot who is isolated, lonely, and powerless as a kid, he is more pitiful. In the story, Mrs. Sen is lack of caring in her new home. Her husband is always busy that she is left at an apartment. However, she still gets to see her husband in the end of a day. Besides, her husband doesn 't neglect her completely referring to the scene she receives a letter from home and call to him immediately. He also receives the call and lets Mrs. Sen reads the long letter. On the contrary, although Eliot lives with mom, it seems he is far from warmth. His mom, except from Eliot 's nanny business, she slightly shows her gentle towards Eliot. Mom and a child rarely do activity together even on vacation. Furthermore, Eliot 's mom won 't cook unless inviting a man to stay a night with. They usually eat bread or pizza. The house is narrated as a cold and lonely place to him. Eliot is apparently lack of his mother 's caring. Not to mention that Eliot has only mom as an only member of the family, referring to the…show more content…
After comparing Mrs. Sen and Eliot 's life in these aspects, Eliot is likely to be more pathetic for he is just a kid faced these situations. In addition, a person who treats him coldly is his own mother. She is merely the only member of his family referring to the text. While Mrs. Sen 's problems likely occurred due to herself inability to do this and that; actually caused from her inadequate attempt to practice driving, find friends, or do other activities to keep her from missing home. Eliot does his best in his role, but the result is he still
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