He Lived In A Room Before A Wife Mood Analysis

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From the name of the character one can interpret that he is from the countryside. He was said to be about seventy years old but was supposedly only fifty years old. His white hair and long beard along with his sunken eyes and wrinkled skin played no part in making him appear any younger.

This story tells us that Murlock, one day found is wife ill in his cabin and started to nurse her back to health but instead in the next three days she became unconscious and passed away in her sleep. We only learn at the end of the story that she had not passed away until the panther had grabbed her by her throat. She was still alive before that. She was just unconscious.This is a flaw in the story. Murdock assumes his wife to be dead even though it is very much possible to see a person breathing or to make out if a person is alive or dead, especially,
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The mood of the story helps define its plot. The mood set here by the author is lonesome, gruesome, and eerie which tells the readers about the nature of the story. The mood also changes from a little creepy to a horrific and shocking one, especially towards the end of the story.
This mood is clearly seen in the following lines – “impelled by some mysterious impulse of their nature,” and, “He lived in a house of logs surrounded on all sides by the great forest, of whose gloom and silence” lets the readers to imagine what kind of story this will be.


‘The Boarded Window’ itself represents Murdock and tells the readers that he was under a great amount of stress. The readers are also told that he did not board the windows due to his hatred of light and fresh air, but some other reason such as his wife’s death. Windows are generally the passageway to something, but when boarded up, it blocks any such entrances. “Anyone knew why it was so closed; certainly not because of the occupant’s dislike of light and air,” these lines justify the aforementioned
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