Fallen Women In Oliver Twist

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Nancy is aware that she stands outside the patriarchal borders (Victorian qualities and domestic ideologies) as we can see when she talks to Rose in a distanced way. Nancy is eliminated from encompassing domestic ideologies. Nancy calls Rose lady, which indicates that she has much respect for her. Nancy thinks the world would be a better place if there were only women like Rose. She feels like she does not belong to the era or even the world. Nancy acts like she is much older than she really is and even though she is confused about right and wrong, she is a dominating woman in the novel. Several times, she protects Oliver from Fagin’s gang. Nancy acts as a surrogate mother for Oliver although she is only 16 years old. She nurtures and helps Oliver. This makes her a good person but she falls out of the patriarchal order because she is not a real mother or a wife. She improves her character which makes her one of the good people in the novel. Nancy does not…show more content…
The main challenges in the novel are the change of image of fallen women and to reveal reason why three female characters are ruined by describing their situation in detail. The big reason for the fall of women is the cruelty of people in the underworld, the inequitable moral code towards women and severe class differences.

The main concern is extended not only about accusing the condition where fallen women were put, but about how women should be restored to decent conditions in society through family and social support. Here we see the fallen women who want to make a new start could not get the chance to do so. Nancy’s death exemplifies the difficulty in going back to normal life. The main discovery is a more positive treatment for girls who broke the moral code through his activities as a philanthropist and demonstrates the possibility of recovery of fallen woman to the life in his
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