Character Analysis Of Nanny's Metaphor In Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Nanny’s mule metaphor is referencing the patriarchal dominance that women are subservient to in the novel; much like mules were subjected to their owner’s whims.
Joe’s aesthetic demands for Janie illustrate how women were used as status symbols for their husbands. He wouldn’t allow her to make any speeches, as “he didn’t marry her for all that” but he wants her to stand in the store as a trophy.
Joe dismisses Janie’s feelings and completely obliterates her autonomous identity by claiming that her only status in town comes from his as mayor. Janie is not an independent being who can become “big” all her own, but needs a “big” husband.
Joe, due to his jealousy and feelings of incompetence, denies Janie of her sexuality by forcing her to tie up
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By watching the springtime occurrences, Janie comes to realize the emotional connection and physical duality she wants in her future marriage.
Nanny promised that Janie would come to love Mr. Killicks naturally. But when that doesn’t happen after a year of marriage, Janie becomes disillusioned with romance and more pessimistic in her outlook. She’s given up on her springtime marriage.
Janie had run away from her marriage with Mr. Killicks to join the smart and handsome Joe Starks. After being married to Joe for 7 years, she begins to get tired of her position in the town and how he treats her. One day, when Janie messes up dinner Joe slaps her. This causes Janie to realize that there was no longer a spark in their marriage. She stops idolizing him, and begins to withdraw into herself to avoid confrontation.
As Joe is on his death bed, Janie uses this time to express pent-up feelings and criticize him. Janie shows growth by having the courage to stand up to Joe, realizing how he was manipulating her, and criticizing his faults. Janie pities Joe in his last moments, but is glad to be free of
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