Character Analysis Of Neil In The Play 'The Blizzard'

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In the drama “The Blizzard,” Neil shows a strong example of being a comedic hero. Neil shows the traits of disorder, ordinary stature, and he is detached emotionally. Everything is out of order, they have no phones or radio. Neil is expecting his brother and sister-in-law. Neil should turn Natasha and Salim away, but he does not value his own safety. Neil in the play “The Blizzard,” is represented by a strong trait of disorder. Disorder is when the comic hero tends to view the unexpected or the surprise element as an opportunity for a comic act rather than a violation of a norm. Salim and Natasha pops up randomly uninvited to the country house (Ives 2019). Everything is out of order and they have no phones or radio. They are stuck in a blizzard.
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