Appearance In Jack Houston's New Boy

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As I read the book, New Boy, I noticed that the author was trying to give a specific lesson to the readers. The recurring message that Houston wanted to show us was, it doesn’t matter what your appearance is, it 's about your friendship. Appearance is a comparative word, meaning that people usually judge people before they even get to know them, having people looking at you like you are garbage and gross, and never want to talk to you. The feeling, No one likes me is a terrible feeling and I believe that people should get to know people before they judge. But in New Boy, it is showing a separate way of appearance. As Rob being the first African-American student, to go to Draper, a prestigious boarding school, 16-year-old Rob Garrett has the chance to break barriers, just like his heroes Jackie Robinson and Joe Louis. Intelligent, determined and ambitious. Rob is also eager to work hard and prove himself: “I would have to fend for myself, and I was thrilled by the prospect.” Rob’s parents are paying for his college and is hoping that he will make the honor roll, but isn’t quit sure if he will,…show more content…
Rob was talking to his friend Roosevelt, which he had brought his cousin (Paulette), and Rob found good interest into her. Rob and Paulette started hanging out more and more, and then one day, it all happened in a blink of an eye. They kissed. Rob and Paulette were not sure of how their parents would approve of this, so Rob brought Paulette to his house to visit with his family, and his parents were partially shocked because they want him to be more focused on school than dating and stuff. Rob and Paulette kept on being friends and just went on with life.
Even though Rob had a hard time with some of his friends, and life, he still got what he wanted, Paulette. He succeeded from Draper and got a great learning experience. Rob’s parents approved of Paulette and his actions and were able to live a happy life with no more
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