Character Analysis Of Nick Carraway In The Great Gatsby

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Have you ever looked at somebody and you can tell that they are judging you? Well the person who is judging you is most definitely Nick Carraway. He’s a sophisticated Yale University graduate and is very complex with his perspective on life. When he becomes friends with his next door neighbor, Jay Gatsby he meets some people that he is very quick to judge upon. The book ruckus mainly begins when Gatsby asks Nick to basically be his wingman to help him meet with the love of his life, Daisy. But the only problem is… she has a husband with a big ego. Knowing Nick is judgemental he sprung to Jay Gatsby’s side in this awkward situation between Gatsby and Daisy. Nick Carraway also thinks highly of himself and his traits. So when somebody is so irritable, he decides to see the little things about that person and just pick that character apart when he’s judging them. Nick brags so much about being honest, but In “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Nick is very arrogant and he lies and this proves that he, Nick Carraway is a very judgemental person toward mostly everyone he encounters in this novel.
The main character, Nick is very arrogant about his good trait of being such an honest person and he is most certainly a judgemental person. In the third chapter Nick is explaining himself and how he views himself compared to others in West Egg . He just keeps saying he is just such a honest person in society. For example he states in chapter 3, “Everyone suspects himself of at
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