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Upon returning to his native land and seeing it overrun by men so similar in nature to the cockiness he once beheld, Odysseus comes to the realization that his hubris is what had brought him his misfortune and only through humility shall he regain his peace. A. Upon returning to Ithaca, Athene immediately appears before him and disguises him as a elderly beggar and urges him to see the disaster that has become of his noble house. B. His appearance concealed, Odysseus witnesses his home overrun by fools and his family turned cynical. It is in this moment that Odysseus understands Athene’s disguise: he must be as cunning now as he had been in Troy, because “home can be just as dangerous as the battlefield.” (Hedges). C. Odysseus is recognized by servants to his family, his…show more content…
“Rumor went round the town, and noised abroad the terrible fate that had befallen the suitors; as soon, therefore, as the people heard of it, they gathered from every quarter, groaning and hooting before the house of Odysseus.” (336). Citizens have lived without their king for so long; they no longer rely on him. Instead, they find anger in the fact that he had mercilessly slaughtered their kin, rather than praise their king and his journey to return to them. In their eyes, he is not a hero; instead, he is a killer. These views are soon quelled as Odysseus openly shows remorse for his misdeeds, as instructed by the gods, and reconciles with his people. E. “Thus spoke Athene, and Odysseus obeyed her gladly.” (339). Now a more humble man, Odysseus submits to the requests of the gods rather than challenging them or allowing his egotistical view of self to believe himself to be above all men and immortals alike. He obeys Athene’s request and makes a peace with his people. Odysseus’ treacherous journey home and torment by both mortal and immortal pettiness culminated in Odysseus’s eventual epiphany, thus reforming his character from that of the soldier he once was to the king he was fated to

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