Character Analysis Of Pamela Travers

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Bautista, Kristine Joy B.
MS Clinical Psychology
Advance Theories of Personality

Movie: Saving Mr. Banks
Character: Pamela Travers (Helen Goff)

The story of Pamela Travers, the author of Mary Poppins, was portrayed in the movie Saving Mr. Banks. In the movie, the struggle of Walt Disney in asking for P. Travers’ approval is quite a struggle but a deeper struggle was depicted. In this, we will look deeper on P. Travers’ personality and have a better understanding of it using my chosen theory.

The Family of Pamela Travers/Helen Goff Helen Goff (or more known as Pamela Travers) is the first-born child of her parents. Her father, Travers Goff, works in a bank while her mother, Margaret Goff, is a housewife. In the movie, it is shown that her father is a sweet and loving father but he has problems with being an alcoholic. It is also shown in the movie that she has a close relationship with her father. This may also be evident on how they have similarities especially in terms of being imaginative and a bit of a dreamer.
Their family had a problem when her father was fired from his work that they need to transfer residence. They moved to a house and have a life which is far from what her family used to have. This has been heartbreaking for her mother but her father showed a positive attitude towards it. His father had a hard time balancing his work due to his alcoholism. It was also shown in the movie how he was almost fired and his employer just gave him a chance for the
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