Character Analysis Of Paul In Tangerine

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“No fear, Mom. Show them no fear.” (page 296). In the novel, Tangerine, by Edward Bloor, the protagonist, Paul Fisher, is going through many changes in his life after moving from Texas to Florida. Those changes include external ones, his friends and the environment around him, and internal ones, his views and opinions. Even though Paul starts off as a weak kid who is insecure, he learns that he’s not at fault for who he is, and gains confidence in himself.
In the beginning of this novel, Paul starts off doubting himself due to the thick glasses he wears. “I could stop trying to be what everyone else is and accept being a freak. They could open a new exhibit, starring me.” (page 76). He considers himself a “freak” due to his disability and has no confidence whatsoever. It
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For example, “I raise my finger like it was loaded, and I pointed it at Arthur. ‘I saw you kill Luis Cruz.’” (page 262). In this section of the book, Paul finally learns to stand up for himself to Erik and Arthur after years of being afraid. He even causes Erik to lose control and go into a full rage. Around the same section, Erik says the name “Castor” which triggers a memory Paul had blocked for a long time, the truth behind his visual impairment and that Erik was at fault for it. This led to Paul accepting it was not his fault and he finally stopped blaming himself for it.
In conclusion, Paul started off as a wimpy, fearful kid who ended up finding a lot about himself and turned out a strong, independent young man. He had an incredible arch of character development throughout the entire novel, with changes in himself and the outside of him. A possible theme in this novel is that you should face your fear and overcome it, just like Paul did when he stood up to his older brother. Fear limits you, and after Paul stood up to what he considered his monster, he was finally able to accept and find
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