Character Analysis Of Penelope In Homer's Odyssey '

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Why is Penelope so loyal towards Odysseus? Penelope is and has been loyal to Odysseus. She always has been, Odysseus has not been. She never really wanted to remarry, “She had creative ways of putting off many suitors who’ve taken over her house in Ithaca.” She tried a lot of ways not to marry again, she can’t and won’t marry another, she doesn't think it would be a great idea to remarry. She wouldn’t be able to forgive herself if she ever did remarry. Being unhappy never stopped her from keeping loyal. Penelope waited a very long time before making her mind about marrying someone else. She waited 20 years for him to come home. Odysseus was taking forever to get home, she started to lose hope, but her guts had a feeling that he would come home.
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