Character Analysis Of Peter Pan

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Barrie drew a very interesting literary character that has been popular for more than a century. Peter Pan has a weird mix of characteristics that presents his hero in more than one situation to show different aspects of his character. Peter Pan is described as being proud in his first meeting with Wendy. She helps him by sewing his shadow. He thinks he has attached the shadow so he praises himself, an action that really annoys Wendy. "How clever I am!" he crowed rapturously, "the cleverness of me!" It is humiliating to have to confess that this conceit of Peter was one of his most fascinating qualities. To put it with brutal frankness, there never was a cockier boy. (Barrie 40) Another incident shows Peter Pan 's over self-confidence is when he teaches the children how to fly; Wendy expresses her surprise by the act of flying and says" How sweet". Thinking she is addressing him, he replies by saying" yes, I am sweet, oh I am sweet" (49). pride is associated with falseness, blindness, conceit, and arrogance, while on the other it is associated with self-confidence, productivity, and creativity. Peter Pan‘s pride as much as it is useful in certain occasions, it annoys in others. When it exceeds the normal limit and affects others, it has negative consequences. By time, Wendy starts to accept Peter Pan 's conceited behavior . She is aware that pride is part of his childish personality; however, this acceptance is

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