Character Analysis Of Peyton Farquhar In The Owl Creek Bridge

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What I found most interesting about the story is how it is divided into three parts. Part one starts with detailing the pending execution of a man by a group of soldiers. In part two, we learn who is the man, Peyton Farquhar, a Southern planter, who was unable to served in the gallant army because of unknown reasons. This part also describes how he ended up there. One day, upon hearing news from a Federal scout in disguise that the Owl Creek Bridge was being repaired for use by the Union forces, Farquhar sets out to destroy it. He fails to attempt it and is caught by the Union forces. Part three describes a vivid hallucination Farquhar has between the time that his execution is initiated and when his neck breaks from the force of the rope. He imagines that he escapes by swimming and reaches land, and walks back home to be reunited by his wife. At the end, it is revealed that it was just a dream and the execution was successful done. Farquhar was hanged beneath the Owl Creek Bridge.…show more content…
The author of this story keeps our attention focused on the reactions of the character until the last paragraph of the story, when there is a shift to a dramatic point of view as he is hanging from the bridge. This shift in point of view is an almost brutal declaration that none of Farquhar's hopes could ever have come true. At the end of the story, the past-tense narration shifts into the present tense to demonstrate the vividness of Farquhar's perceptions just before his death. The type of narrator of this story is third-person point of view where it has omniscient, limited, and objective point of
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