Character Analysis Of Piggy In Lord Of The Flies

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Analysis of Piggy in Lord of the Flies Though physically vulnerable and socially inept, Piggy stands as the voice of reason and is the last sense of rationality and innocence among the boys. Though Piggy shows signs of low self esteem and is frequently made fun of, he is intelligent and good natured. Though he acts as Ralph’s advisor and is the most intelligent of the boys, he is often overlooked and his comments are often disregarded. Piggy represents intelligence and civilization, but also is a symbol of reason and innocence. Piggy may well be one of the most important people among the island, but is suppressed by the others, who never realize what great significance he has. Piggy is characterized by his weight and easy to ridicule, but is much more complex under the surface. Through all insults thrown at him, Piggy stays good natured, he works primarily what is best for the group rather than his own desires. Piggy lacks social skill, which is partially why he isn’t chief, which leads to more criticism from the others. Because of his lack of social skill, Piggy doesn’t have much of a voice in the group and relies on the conch to have a say in discussions. A large part of Piggy’s character is his lack of self esteem, supported by his comment, “I don’t care what they call me...So long they don’t call me what they used to call me at school”,(Golding 8). Piggy shows that he has low self confidence, which may be why he is submissive in actions of the boys.. Piggy’s
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