Character Analysis Of 'President Cleveland, Where Are You?' By Robert Cormier

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“Jerry” from the story “President Cleveland, Where Are You?” by Robert Cormier, is a sympathetic character to onlookers due to his shortcomings, as well as his strengths, are ones with which many readers can identify. He learned a lot from his brother Armand by getting matured and by gaining the knowledge that helping his family is far more important than helping himself.

The speaker from the poem “My Father Is a Simple Man” by Luis Omar Salinas, admires and respects his father a great deal. The speaker does not describe his father as particularly humorous or lively. Yet what he lacks in energy he seems to make up for with patience and dignity. His father has a great impact on the speaker. The speaker also admires the qualities of his father,
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She does not want to cause problems or answer certain questions, but she can 't avoid them because her mother 's job has resulted in a disruption in her life. Though she lies occasionally, the lies stem from her own insecurity rather than a duplicitous nature or a desire to take advantage of others. That being said, the narrator 's feelings of shame over her mother 's actions do make her somewhat unsympathetic when one considers the fact that her mother is working and sacrificing so that her children can have a better life. Once the narrator faced the awful car accident, she learned that she was wrong to feel ashamed of her mother, whom she loves so much and who has swallowed her own pride and shown strength and determination by taking the job at A & P. The umbrella symbolizes the narrator 's rejection of her mother, so in a burst of shame at her earlier behavior, she throws it away. She also learned that the umbrella represented negative feelings she had towards her mother. The narrator 's mother demonstrates strenght and courage that serves as an example to her
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